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This Web page allows each Chapter Child Care Contact to share what they have been working on. Learn from your colleagues and get new ideas on how to be involved in your community. If you would like to report on your state’s activities, email

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Mary L Blankson, MD, MPH, FAAP

Dr  Blankson received a Healthy Futures Managing Infectious Diseases in Early Education and Child Care grant. Key partners for this project are Alabama Department of Public Health‘s Early Childhood Comprehensive System, the Child Care Health Consultant Program and the Childcare Quality Contractors, such as Child Care Resources and Referral agencies. Grant related activities included:

  • Three “Train-the-Trainer” workshops; on July 16th, 30th and November 21st, 2011
    • 18 trainers participated: 7 Pediatricians, 9 Child Care Health Consultants [CCHCs], 1 CCHC Coordinator and 1 Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.
  • Thirteen Training sessions (4 by Pediatricians and 9 by CCHCs) for childcare staff in Head Start and other community based childcare settings.
  • Overall, 243 Childcare staff were trained during the grant period.
    • The Health Coordinator of Head Start estimates that the training of 103 staff members of the Head Start program will potentially impact the lives of over 400 children.
    • The CCHCs continue to use the curriculum.
    • ThePediatricians plan to focus on training Childcare Directors groups.

Dr Blankson also received a Choosing Quality Childcare grant supported by the Community Foundation of Birmingham.  The goal of the project is to inform parents on how to choose quality childcare, and to generate open discussion between Pediatricians and parents on the issue of choosing quality childcare. The partner for this project is the Childcare Resources and Referral of Birmingham. Alabama continues to distribute childcare quality information/data collection cards to the 20 practices signed up for this project.


  • Continue to work on the “Choosing Quality Care” project.
  • Train one of the Pediatricians in the Child Care Interest Group to be a Co-CCCC.
  • Assess the knowledge level and attitudes of Alabama Pediatricians  towards Early Education and Childcare Community Organizations and Resources.
  • Encourage Pediatricians in Child Care Interest group to take advantage of self-training module for becoming a Childcare Health Consultant on the AAP, Pennsylvania Chapter website. CCCC will mentor as needed.
  • Explore the possibility of the CCCC and the trained Pediatricians presenting the Curriculum for Managing Infectious Diseases in Childcare to one Childcare Directors Group and perhaps more Childcare staff. 

Last Updated: June 2013


Willow Monterrosa, MD, FAAP

Dr Monterrosa has been heavily involved in Thread, Alaska’s main organization for childcare and early childhood learning.  Thread provides services to providers, parents and families as well as over-sees funding/distribution, licensing and many community services and projects.

Last Updated: June 2013


Tom Ball , MD, FAAP

Tom Ball, MD, FAAP, assists with the planning and implementation of his state's newly founded child care health consultation (CCHC) program. Completion of 2 Community Access to Child Health grants has been instrumental in the successful introduction of this program within Pima County. Currently, Dr Ball is submitting an application for a grant to improve medication administration within the state’s child care system. This will take advantage of the existing CCHC training system. In addition, he will continue to educate pediatricians about the CCHC system throughout the state.

The chapter’s Early Education Committee has been aggressive in identifying state-wide priorities and advancing them.

Last Updated: December 2009


Maya Lopez, MD, FAAP

Dr Lopez has been actively working with early childhood stakeholders to implement the Healthy Futures Managing Infectious Disease curriculum in Arkansas.  To date, over 15 trainings have been facilitated statewide.  In an effort to continue this momentum, a contract proposal has been submitted to AR Department of Human Services to conduct further trainings on the topics of Medication Administration and Managing Infectious Diseases.  Dr Lopez is the co-chair of the Medical Homes Workgroup of the AK Early Childhood Comprehensive System.  This workgroup is focused on ensuring that all children have health insurance, access to high quality early education and child care, and that they receive adequate healthcare and preventative services.

Last Updated: March 2012

California 1

Juliana Damon, MD, FAAP
(former CCCC)

Juliana Damon, MD, FAAP, organized a conference on autism for child care providers and pediatricians. Currently, she is working on a dinner conference focusing on vitamin D and its importance for children of all ages but especially infants and toddlers even if formula fed. Dr Damon’s hope is to eventually be able to convene a larger conference on healthy eating for child care providers and preschools. One of her goals for next year is to focus more effort on outreach within the chapter for those interested in early education and child care. 

Last Updated: December 2009


Rachel Moon, MD, FAAP

Rachel Moon, MD, FAAP, supervised sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) training for child care providers, in collaboration with the Office of Early Education and Child Care in the Department of Health. She continues to supervise SIDS training for child care providers. She also continues to provide any needed resources to the chapter members.

Last Updated: December 2009


Jennifer Takagishi, MD, FAAP and Sharon Dabrow, MD, FAAP

Dr Takagishi and Dr Dabrow share the role of Chapter Child Care Contact for the state of FL.  The team has facilitated presentations in their county on the topics of common childhood illnesses and exclusion criteria, early literacy, and well child care.  Dr Takagishi is on the Board of Directors of United Cerebral Palsy of Tampa Bay and serves as a program committee leader.  Dr Dabrow is the Medical Director for the University of South Florida Reach Out and Read (ROR) program and a regional trainer for new ROR programs in the state of FL.

Last Updated: March 2012


Thomas Clark, MD, FAAP (Co-CCCC)

Dr Clark, sits on the Advisory Board of a local 501c3 Board (Savannah Early Childhood Foundation) focused on improving child care in two inner city child care centers as well as to provide parenting instructions to the parents of those children.  Dr Clark gives presentations within the community; one example is a lecture on “Early Childhood Development –Who Cares”.

Dr Clark hopes to continue to talk about the importance of quality child care and to advocate for inclusion under the public school system’s control, all of the child care facilities, including the EOA Head Start.

Aixa Silvera-Schwartz, MD, FAAP (Co-CCCC)

Dr  Silvera-Schwartz was granted a 2012/2013 Healthy Futures Medication Administration in Early Education and Child Care Implementation Grant.  In September, 2012, one training was completed at the Georgia Association on Young Children.  In addition a train-the-trainer session on Medication Administration is being planned in collaboration with Bright from the Start - Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning.

Dr Silvera-Schwartz provides expertise for "Ask the Pediatrician" questions posed by the child care workers to the Bright from the Start - Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning. She participated in a focus group of pediatricians regarding health screenings and follow-up.  This focus group is a project facilitated by the Georgia Department of Public Health and is funded by Bright from the Start - Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning.

Georgia AAP staff provided technical assistance to the Department of Early Care and Learning regarding the components of the AAP/Bright Futures Periodicity Schedule requirements for 4 year olds.  This material has been incorporated in the Georgia Quality Rating System for Child Care Centers.


  1. Complete the train-the-trainer sessions for Medication Administration in Early Education and Child Care.
  2. Expand collaborations between the GA AAP and the Bright from the Start - Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning.
  3. Assist Bright from the Start - Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning in addressing licensing and certification issues.

Last Updated: June 2013


Greta McFarland, MD, FAAP

Greta McFarland, MD, FAAP, provides education for the child care health consultant training program provided through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. This training was 4 hours.  She also provides training directly to child care providers. 

Last Updated: December 2009


Ashley Lucas, MD, FAAP

Dr Lucas serves on the LA Early Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC), and the LA AAP Advisory Council.  Dr Lucas has been leading a collaborative project between the Our Lady Of the Lake Children’s Hospital, the LA Breastfeeding Coalition and the Greater New Orleans Breastfeeding Awareness Coalition to promote breastfeeding support in child care centers.  Dr Lucas received funds for a local project focused on training child care providers on the benefits of breastfeeding and the safe use of expressed breast milk. In addition, Dr Lucas works with LA’s ECAC, Bright Start, as a member of the Family Support, Child Health and Child Safety Committee.  In this role, Dr Lucas hopes to be a voice for raising standards for child health and safety as the early childhood system continues to be developed and improved.

Last Updated: March 2012



Edisa Padder, MD, FAAP

This year, Dr Padder became a Trainer of Child Care Health Consultants (CCHC) by the National Training Institute for Child Care Health Consultants at the University of North Carolina School of Public Health-Chapel Hill.  Dr Padder also attended a media training conference to gain skills to advocate for health and safety of children in early learning settings.  Dr Padder was appointed to the MD State Department of Education Advisory Council for the Office of Child Care, as well as the MD Advisory Council on Heart Disease and Stroke.

Last Updated: March 2012


Erin McMaster, MD, FAAP

Erin McMaster, MD, FAAP, participated in the training for child care health consultants conducted by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care. She has also given talks to local child care staff on medication administration. Dr McMaster developed a series of talks for pediatric residents on child care.

Last Updated: December 2008


Andrew Hasikawa, MD, FAAP

Dr Hashikawa has successfully completed the deliverables for the Healthy Futures Managing Infectious Diseases in Early Education and Child Care grant.  Dr Hashikawa is currently implementing the Healthy Futures Medication Administration in Early Education and Child Care curriculum in his state.

Dr Hashikawa presented on “The Evolution of Child Care in America-Past Failures and Present Challenges” and “Child Care, Acute Illness, and the Medical Home” at the 40th Annual Tuuri Day Conference. 


  • Complete implementation grant deliverables for Healthy Futures Medication Administration in Early Education and Child Care
  • Implement Building Bridges grantee activities
    • Creation of statewide Early Brain & Child Development (EBCD) and related health topics track at the 2013 Early Childhood Investment Corporation (ECIC), sponsored by Michigan Great Start Conference
    • Establish a statewide health and early childhood consortium of pediatric health professionals and child care representatives
    • Develop EBCD-based recommendations to present to the Great Start to Quality Core Advisory Team for review and consideration into Michigan’s QRIS
    • Establish a mechanism for surveying early child care providers in Michigan through collaboration with ECIC to obtain baseline training needs of providers

Last Updated: June 2013


Laurel Wills , MD, FAAP

Dr Laurel Wills was involved in two grant applications submitted in 2012: 1) Healthy Futures Medication Administration in Early Education and Child Care Implementation Grant, and 2) Building Bridges Among Health and Early Childhood Systems.  Dr Wills also works to promote early parent-child literacy in primary care clinics.


  1. Complete grant-related activities to translate and disseminate Medication Administration curriculum to key audiences in Minnesota, and through this process, strengthen working   relationships with early education and child care resource and referral agencies.
  2. Develop the growing list of pediatrician members who can assist with building bridges and sharing input as practitioners and advocates for young children and their parents.  Create an atmosphere of mutual information exchange that will make better-informed doctors, and help the EC systems colleagues in their work with children and families.
  3. Share this work with the Chapter leadership (Board of Directors and Committee Chairs), as well as membership via the Chapter Newsletter

Last Updated: June 2013


Tracy Stroud , MD, FAAP

Dr Stroud successfully completed the AAP Medication Administration curriculum project with state partners.  Ten trainings were facilitated across the state with the medication administration curriculum via a train-the-trainer format, in collaboration with Head Start and the child care health consultants.

Dr Stroud provided technical assistance on several occasions regarding issues related to child safety and welfare for the Child Care Program Specialist Section for Child Care Regulation. Dr Stroud is actively working with the Bureau of Immunization Assessment and Assurance, Section for Healthy Families and Youth Division of Community and Public Health, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services on an immunization training for child care providers. 

Dr Stroud is part of the Missouri team awarded the Building Bridges Among Health & Early Childhood Systems grant.


  • Continue efforts with First Steps program in MO. Dr Stroud has been nominated to the First Steps Statewide interagency council.  This is a governor appointed position  (Approval pending)
  • Work on Building Bridges Among Health & Early Childhood Systems grant action plan
  • Continuing and expanding efforts with Bureau of Immunization
  • Continuing and expanding efforts regarding developmental screening and statewide consensus regarding standardized screening and assessment

Last Updated: June 2013


Amy Sobel, MD, FAAP
(former CCCC)

Amy Sobel, MD, FAAP, was a local resource for information on H1N1, including school policy, the AAP updates, vaccine, and child care center questions. She was a contact during the concern about medical assistants vaccinating patients in Nevada. She is also involved in Healthy Child Care Nevada and the child care health consultation work groups. Dr Sobel would like to focus on infectious disease and obesity in the upcoming year. She would love to be able to distribute the AAP’s Managing Infectious Disease in Child Care and Schools to all child care centers. She hopes to talk with California about a program they started about how to implement healthy food practices in a school setting. 

Last Updated: December 2009

New Hampshire

Jennifer Lipfert, MD, FAAP

Jennifer Lipfert, MD, FAAP, helped form and participated in the Health and Safety Subcommittee of New Hampshire’s Child Care Advisory Council. Current projects of the committee include working on a statewide universal child care and preschool health information form and developing a medication administration training. She is also a member of a planning committee of 2 statewide open forums, funded by the AAP, to build awareness of developmental and autism screening. Dr Lipfert is a member of the regional infant mental health team.

Last Updated: December 2009

New Jersey

Elaine Donoghue, MD, FAAP
(Former NJ CCCC)

Elaine Donoghue, MD, FAAP, served as project advisor for the Healthy Futures: Improving Health Outcomes for Young Children project. As part of that project, a medication administration in child care curriculum was developed. She will also be part of the second phase of the project on infectious disease which is anticipated to start in early 2010. Dr Donoghue also presented at the AAP developmental screening meeting last March. She is part of the Caring for Our Children technical panel on children with special health needs and is a reviewer of other sections as requested. She serves as a mentor to residents with their presentation and articles related to early education and child care issues. Dr Donoghue services as a member of the Committee on Early Childhood, Adoption, and Dependent Care. She plans to submit an "Intent for Policy Statement" on developmental screening in non-medical home settings which will highlight developmental screening in child care.

Last Updated: December 2009

New Mexico

Janis Gonzales, MD, MPH, FAAP

Dr Gonzales is working with the Interagency Coordinating Council to improve Family Infant Toddler program (FIT) services (Part C) for children with autism.  In addition, work is being done to improve the consistency of determination of medical eligibility for FIT by expanding and clarifying the list of qualifying medical conditions and risk factors.

Dr Gonzales has worked with Project LAUNCH to improve developmental screening for children, promote the use of Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) among providers in NM, and make policy recommendations around home visiting and Pre-K services, based on the lessons learned from the LAUNCH local project over the past four years.  Dr Gonzales has also helped develop a Webinar on safe sleep that was attended by over 100 providers, including child care providers and home visitors.  Dr Gonzales helped to create a web page on the Department of Health Web site dedicated to safe sleep to provide more information to parents and care providers on the AAP safe sleep recommendations.  Next steps include development of a second webinar in Spanish.

Dr Gonzales plans to continue to spread the word about safe sleep practices through Webinars and/or presentations.  She plans to continue to work with FIT to improve Part C services to children with developmental delays and continue to work with Project LAUNCH to develop a sustainability plan as funding for this grant will end next year.

Last Updated: June 2013

New York 3

Janet Stockheim, MD, FAAP
(former CCCC)

Janet Stockheim, MD, FAAP, continues to work with the Child Care Council of Westchester to promote public awareness of their free resources and referral services. She was part of a group that created posters which were offered to Westchester County pediatricians in August 2009. They are still trying to get information pamphlets (English and Spanish) included in the Westchester County “Welcome Baby” packets. Three of the 7 hospitals have agreed to include them. 

Last Updated: December 2009


Judith Romano, MD, FAAP

Judith Romano, MD, FAAP, has been a member of the Early Childhood Advisory Council whose role is to advise the Governor and Early Childhood Cabinet on early childhood matters. She was involved in providing testimony for preparation for the state budget and the development of a statewide center for child development. She worked with the social/emotional committee to plan an open forum around early childhood topics. Next year, Dr Romano would like to expand the role of the committee structure of the chapter and recruit young leadership.   

Last Updated: December 2009


Edd Rhoades, MD, FAAP

As the Chapter Child Care Contact, Edd Rhoades, MD, FAAP, has worked with the Early Childhood Comprehensive System Coordinator. He serves as the Department of Health representative on the Board for Smart Start Oklahoma, which is his state’s Early Childhood Advisory Council.  

Last Updated: December 2009


David Willis, MD, FAAP

The collaborative program of the Pediatric Society QI Subcommittee conducted a training program for pediatricians and other pediatric primary care providers called Oregon START (Screening Tool and Resource Training). This program specifically went to primary care practices building workflow models that utilize standardized developmental and autism screening tools and introduced key representatives of the early childhood community programs including local child care resource and referral agency representatives. Over the year, Oregon START project was presented at 11 sites across the state, impacting 250 providers and staff. All 11 sites and providers had presentations from their local resource and referral representatives about their local child care networks, resources, and child care access. Dr Willis hopes to engage additional pediatricians interested in child care issues within the upcoming year. He also would like to work on establishing stronger communication between local child care community leadership and pediatric practices.

Last Updated: December 2009


Beth DelConte, MD, FAAP 

Beth DelConte, MD, FAAP, has been pleased to act in conjunction with Susan Aronson, MD, FAAP, as a pediatric advisor of the Pennsylvania (PA) American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) chapter Early Childhood Education Linkage System (ECELS).  She has contributed to the bi-monthly publication for child care practitioners of Health Link on-line. Articles included information based off her review of the AAP publication Managing Chronic Health Needs in Child Care and Schools, addressed napping in child care (SIDS, infection prevention), and understanding PA Early Intervention services. Two presentations were given at the statewide Early Childhood Summit, including "Health and Safety Requirements for Infants and Toddlers" and "Utilizing Existing State, Regional and Local Services for Quality Care".  Consulting with one of the 6 regional keys in PA, she supported the region in establishing a state-funded position for a CCHC for which ECELS provides continued technical assistance and professional development.  Dr DelConte keeps PA pediatricians informed of early childhood issues with contributions to the monthly news fax by explaining the importance of the PA quality rating system, STARS and its importance in helping families find quality care for their children and has recently requested further pediatrician involvement in the PA early childhood committee.  She attends PA AAP executive committee meetings with ECELS and committee reports.  She has recently received an AAP medication administration grant and participated as a CCHC with centers via a United Way grant in southeastern PA.   

Dr DelConte has contributed as a member of the general pediatric panel for the next Caring for Our Children edition and serves as the AAP representative for the State Interagency Coordinating Council and the PA Early Learning Council.  As a member of the Office of Child Development and Early Learning’s early childhood mental health advisory committee, multiple stakeholders have published a set of recommendations based on the pyramid model for promoting social and emotional competence in infants and young children from the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning. 

Last Updated: February 2010

Puerto Rico

Luisa Alvarado, MD, FAAP
 (Former PR CCCC)

Luisa Alvarado, MD, FAAP, has worked on promoting developmental screening and collaboration with the Early Stimulation Program in Puerto Rico for early referral and treatment. She was initiated in this project in 2007 when she participated in the Assuring Better Child Health and Development Academy, a learning collaborative to help states accomplish better preventive services for children, specifically developmental screening.

Last Updated: January 2009

Rhode Island

Pam High, MD, FAAP

Pam High, MD, FAAP, has been or is currently in the following roles:

-Consultant to the Rhode Island Department of Health Successful Start Developmental Screening and Services Workgroup – 2005- present

-Pediatric Consultant to the Health Resources and Services Administration, Department of Health and Human Services, Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Health Tomorrows Partnership for Children Grant CFDA 93.110; Grant# is H17MC06709, Child Care Health and Mental Health Consultation Network of Rhode island (Blythe Berger PhD, Principal Investigator). 2006-11

-AAP Representative to the Rhode Island Department of Human Services workgroup on RI Medicaid’s EPSDT Periodicity Schedule, 2007-8

-AAP Representative to Rhode Island Executive Office of Health & Human Services workgroup for Action Area II: Developmental & Preventative Health Services. 2007-8

Last Updated: December 2008


Seth Scholer, MD, FAAP

Seth Scholer, MD, MPH, FAAP, is a panel leader for the injury prevention section of the 3rd edition of Caring for Our Children. He is a member of the Alignment Nashville Pre K committee. Dr Scholer has also worked with a Nashville preschool to assess one way to teach parents discipline strategies. The research has been accepted for publication.

Scholer SJ, Hamilton EC, Johnson MC, Scott TA. A brief violence prevention intervention may affect parents’ attitudes towards using less physical punishment. In press. Family and Community Health.

Abstract: Ninety-six parents in a preschool and pediatric clinic participated in a randomized study of a brief parenting intervention. The Attitudes Toward Spanking (ATS) scale was measured at baseline, and, on average, 4 months post-intervention. Higher ATS scores are correlated with increased use of physical punishment. In the intervention group, there was a 2.7 point decrease in the ATS score at follow-up compared with baseline (p=.01). There was no decrease in the ATS in the control group. Brief interventions may shift parental attitudes toward using less physical punishment and have implications for improving anticipatory guidance within primary care and early education.







  Last Updated: December 2009



Colleen Kraft, MD, FAAP

Colleen Kraft , MD, FAAP, serves on the Executive Board of the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation, and its local coalitions, the Smart Beginnings coalitions. The local coalitions bring together child care, home visiting, Head Start and Early Head Start, parenting support and education programs, Early Intervention, and other community partners to support their youngest children in their families and though their earliest educational experiences.  The statewide VECF organizes summits and advocates for funding from our state government and private corporations for investments.  These investments are leveraged with local community coalitions, who implement programs such as parenting education, Quality Rating and Improvement, and evidence based prevention programs in their local communities.  See for details. Dr Kraft has provided multiple presentations at Early Childhood Summits on Early Brain and Child Development and the importance of private and public investment. She has also worked on the development and implementation of the Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) in approximately 1000 child care centers to date in Virginia, in partnership with VECF.

Last Updated: December 2010


Danette Glassy, MD, FAAP

Danette Glassy, MD, FAAP, is on the Washington Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and works on lobbying and writing position papers. She is also co-chair of the statewide Coalition for Safety and Health in Early Learning. Dr Glassy implemented a grant that took the CDC H1N1 child care guidance to all licensed child care and Head Start centers. It was translated into 5 languages and made into an English/Spanish Webinar. She also participated in the state’s Early Learning Plan. 

Last Updated: December 2009


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