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The Medication Administration in Early Education and Child Care Settings is divided into 5 modules and includes PowerPoint presentations, video clips, activities, forms, and pre- and post-tests. The curriculum is estimated to take 4 hours to present, however, it can be adapted to meet time constraints and the learner and instructor needs.

The documents in this curriculum are listed individually. Click on the "Supporting Documents" to reveal these materials. For printing convenience, PDFs of the modules have also been listed, as well as a PDF of the entire curriculum.

Tips for Ensuring a Successful Presentation

Presenting Without Access to the Internet (132 MB)
If you will not have access to the Internet while presenting this curriculum, you will need to follow specific instructions for saving the curriculum files. We have created a "package" for instructors to download that includes the PowerPoint presentation of all the modules, video files, and instructions. You can save this to your computer, CD, or USB flash drive. See these instructions for downloading and saving the the Zip file. Please be patient while downloading the Zip file as it is a large file (132 MB).

Download the Entire Instructor's Manual (21.6 MB)
Please be patient while this document downloads as it is a large file.


Module 1: Background (PDF of PPT & Supporting Documents)
PowerPoint: Background
Video: Forms of Medication


Module 2: Preparation (PDF of PPT & Supporting Documents)
PowerPoint: Preparation
Video: Medication Storage


Module 3: How to Administer Medication
(PDF of PPT & Supporting Documents)
PowerPoint: How to Administer Medication
Videos: How to Give Oral Medication
How to Give Topical Medication
How to Give Eye Drops
How to Give Ear Drops


Module 4: Documentation (PDF of PPT & Supporting Documents)
PowerPoint: Documentation

- Supporting Documents


Module 5: Problem Solving (PDF of PPT & Supporting Documents)
PowerPoint: Problem Solving

- Supporting Documents
Flip Chart Activity:

Preventing Medication Errors

Group Activities: Problems With Nick

Problems With Maria

Flip Chart Activity:

Identifying Medication Errors

Test: Post-test
For the answer key, email


Additional Resources (PDF of All Resources)



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