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Let's Move Child Care: A Project of Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures

“The risk of obesity starts early
in life. Over half of obese children become overweight by the age
of 2, and approximately one in
five children are overweight or
obese by their 6th birthday.”

— The White House Task Force
on Childhood Obesity

You can be a child care champion for healthy choices
Because you’ve dedicated your career to taking care of young children, you have the opportunity to help turn these frightening statistics around. As kids’ bodies and brains develop, they can form unhealthy food preferences and habits that are hard to break. That’s why the First Lady is launching Let’s Move! Child Care — a nationwide call-to-action that empowers child care providers, like you, to make positive health changes in children, early on, that could last a lifetime. 

Strive for Five: Goals for a Healthier Future

Physical Activity: Provide 1-2 hours of physical activity throughout the day, including outside play when possible.

Screen Time: No screen time for children under 2 years. For children age 2 and older, strive to limit screen time to no more than 30 minutes per week during child care, and work with parents and caregivers to ensure children have no more than 1-2 hours of quality screen time per day (as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics).

Food: Serve fruits or vegetables at every meal, eat meals family-style whenever possible, and don't serve fried foods.


Beverages: Provide access to water during meals and throughout the day, and don't serve sugar-sweetened drinks. For children age 2 and older, serve low-fat (1%) or non-fat milk, and no more than one 4- to 6-ounce serving of 100% juice per day.

Infant Feeding: For mothers who want to continue breastfeeding, provide their milk to their infants and welcome them to breastfeed during the child care day. Support all new parents' decisions about infant feeding.

Let's Move! Child Care Ideas and Resources.
Take the Let's Move Child Care Checklist Quiz. The list reflects the top 5 goals of Let's Move! Child Care.

View Webinars to help your facility or home-based program use Let's Move! Child Care"s comprehensive tools.

Visit the Let's Move! Child Care Ideas and Resources page for a one-stop-shop for many more insights and advice about early childhood nutrition and physical activity. This page contains a library of free, simple-to-use, proven resources, inspiring ideas, and practical tips for healthy eating and activity.

Check out the Get Moving Today Activity Calendar developed by Head Start Body Start. Each month, you’ll find fun ways to help preschoolers be active. The activities are perfect for children to do at home with their families too. Head Start Body Start suggests sending the calendars home in backpacks, posting them on bulletin boards, or featuring them in newsletters. You can give parents and caregivers the calendars at pick-up time. (En Español PDF Document)

AAP Resources
Preventing Childhood Obesity in Early Care and Education Programs: Selected standards from Caring For Our Children: National Health and Safety Performance Standards.
This book contains a set of national standards describing evidence-based best practices in nutrition, physical activity, and screen time for early care and education programs.

Visit the Obesity section for relevant articles and podcasts pertaining to childhood obesity.

September 2010 Health and Safety E-News for Caregivers - Promoting Healthy Eating

Visit the Healthy Child Care America Standard of the Month page. This page focuses on one standard each month from Caring for Our Children: National Health and Safety Performance Standards; Guidelines for Early Care and Education Programs, 3rd Edition and Preventing Childhood Obesity in Early Care and Education Programs.

View the AAP Obesity Initiatives at the AAP's Obesity Web page which is dedicated to the prevention of childhood overweight and obesity.



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