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Professional Development

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Professional development for early education and child care professionals refers to on-going education and training. Professional development provides a foundation that can be used to provide the highest quality of care for young children and their families. The AAP has resources that can assist you in gaining specialized skills in health and safety.  

PediaLink online courses for child care providers:

NEW! Influenza Prevention & Control: Strategies for Early Education and Child Care Providers
Know how to keep the children in your care healthy during flu season. Learn to recognize the symptoms of influenza, how the flu is spread, your role in preventing and controlling the flu, the importance of annual seasonal influenza immunization, and how to discuss vaccination with parents and peers. Estimated time is one hour. This course is approved for 1.0 contact hour.

Reducing the Risk of SIDS in Child Care Online Module
Anyone who cares for infants can benefit from this course that thoroughly explains Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), dispels common misconceptions, and details how to create safe sleep environments that reduce the risk of SIDS and other sleep-related deaths. Estimated time is 1 hour. This course is approved for 1.0 contact hour. Available in English and Spanish!

Medication Administration in Early Education & Child Care Online Module
Learn how to safely administer medication to children, and ensure your facility’s medication administration practices comply with laws, regulations and best-practices. Estimated time is 2 hours. This course is approved for 2.0 contact hours. Available in English and Spanish!

Preventing and Managing Infectious Diseases in Early Education and Child Care Online Module
Learn how to prevent and control diseases, the steps involved in conducting daily health checks, and when—and when not—to exclude an ill child from care. Estimated time is 3 hours. This course is approved for 3.0 contact hours. Available in English and Spanish!

We also recommend the following:

Reducing the Risk of SIDS in Child Care Speaker's Kit
The Reducing the Risk of SIDS in Child Care Speaker's Kit is a training tool that can be used by health professionals, public health educators, child care providers, or just about anyone to educate their community about sudden infant death syndrome in child care. Print out your own copy of the PowerPoint presentation and speaker's notes for this kit. Download is free and copies may be made for educational purposes.

Managing Chronic Health Needs in Child Care and Schools: A Quick Reference Guide
Best-selling guide helps caregivers and teachers face the challenges of caring for children with chronic medical conditions and special health care needs.

The health conditions described in this book cover a spectrum of chronic illnesses, acute situations, selected developmental and behavioral problems, and special health care needs, with a special emphasis on children with special health care needs.

It gives teachers, administrators, school nurses, and caregivers ready access to practical information and "what-to-do-when" advice. And it helps health care providers communicate essential information and instructions clearly and time-efficiently.

Managing Infectious Diseases in Child Care and Schools: A Quick Reference Guide, 3rd Edition
Presented in an easy-to-use format, this quick reference guide provides:

  • Content from AAP's premier source of information on infectious diseases, the Red Book
  • Quick reference fact sheets on more than 50 common infectious diseases and symptoms that occur in children in group settings
  • Easy-to-read explanations on how infectious diseases spread
  • Strategies for limiting the spread of infection
  • When exclusion is indicated and not indicated

Caring for Our Children: National Health and Safety Performance Standards, 3rd Edition
This publication contains guidelines on the development and evaluation of the health and safety of children in family and group day care homes and child care centers. 

Minimum Standards for Tribal Child Care: A Health and Safety Guide
These guidelines express minimum standards for health and safety in child care and were developed by the Office of Child Care, US Department of Health and Human Services, convened the Tribal Child Care Standards Advisory Committee that included representatives from tribal child care programs, the Office of Child Care, the Indian Health Service, the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, the Office of Head Start (American Indian Programs Branch), the American Academy of Pediatrics, and other health and child care organizations.   

Additional Resources:

National Association for the Education of Young Children
NAEYC strives to ensure quality child care for every child through educational and skill-development opportunities for child care professionals, as well as through advocacy. The NAEYC Web site includes a list of conferences by NAEYC and similar organizations.

National Association for Family Child Care
NAFCC and Salt Lake Community College have paired to make family child care training available online. 

National Child Care Association
NCCA offers credentialing programs for administrators and child care professionals. It also offers helpful publications and professional development conferences for its members.

National Association of Child Care Resource and Referrals
Find your local Resource and Referral Agency to learn more about local training opportunities.


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